Artificial Intelligence applied to waste management

Malaga is committed to the circular economy.


4/2/20242 min read

The waste management project through innovative AI applications planned for the city of Malaga is based on a comprehensive vision that goes beyond the simple collection and management of waste. The aim is to make Malaga a sustainable smart city at the forefront of those that already apply similar systems in Europe.

AI applied to waste management, a strong commitment to the circular economy

Sustainability is closely linked to the circular economy, one cannot be understood without the other. In our approach, every waste is seen not as an end, but as the beginning of a new life cycle. The key to this transformation lies in a data-driven approach, which allows us to continuously improve the collection service and move towards more efficient and sustainable resource management.

The real innovation of this approach lies in its ability to transform the relationship with waste. By analysing massive data, we can identify opportunities to optimise collection routes, increase recycling rates and reduce environmental impact.

At Residuos Con Inteligencia, we have a firm commitment that goes further, we adopt a philosophy of sustainability and circular economy even in the design and use of the waste containers themselves. They are not mere receptacles, but key players in minimising waste and promoting sustainable practices. Smart bins, equipped with IoT technology, not only facilitate selective and efficient collection, but also become educational tools for the community, encouraging waste segregation and recycling.

This strategy allows us to close the life cycle of materials within a system of our own, fostering an environment where every action and every discarded item contributes to building a more sustainable future.

We seek a highly efficient data-driven management model that minimises emissions and transforms user habits by seeking a cultural transformation towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

A circular economy philosophy, where every element plays a crucial role in this regenerative ecosystem.